Made in usa

Serve Clean Toothpick Dispenser 
Delivers Single Unwrapped Toothpick
•  Unique design delivers a clean unwrapped toothpick in less than one turn.
•  Includes handy "Touch Free" tong for easy loading from toothpick carton to dispenser.
•  Dual Knob Roller, Left and Right Hand Operation, Roller can be turned from either left or right side.  
The Large Capacity
Can hold at least  800 toothpicks
​Includes 100 round white birch toothpicks
​Includes 5000 round white birch toothpicks

Specially designed for adding toothpicks to the toothpick dispenser.  Without your hand touching a single toothpick, you or an employee can transfer multiple toothpicks from the toothpick carton to the dispenser. The Tong will easily pick up 50 toothpicks each time.

Large opening, very convenient for adding toothpicks.

Hinge Cover
High Capacity

​It can hold at least 800 toothpicks. Fewer refills. More suitable for a variety of locations such as lhome, supermarket tasting, restaurants, bars and many more.

Easy Operation

Dual knobs allow right or left hand use. Unique design delivers a clean toothpick in less than one turn.