Serve Clean Disposable Face Masks 5 pcs

Plus 2 pcs Apparel Storage Mask Clips

• Includes 12 Apparel Clips
• Attaches to any thickness clothing
• Mask can hang from one strap to maintain nose bridge configuration
• Keep mask out of pockets
• Will accept any size mask strap, easy to use quick release spring bar
Mask Clip Instructions
Open clasp and clip to apparel with spring bar positioned at 3,6 or 9:00.
With one hand, pull spring bar open far enough to slip mask strap through opening using other hand. Depending on th position of the spring bar, remove mask by pulling away from spring bar in the direction of the spring bar opening.
If you choose to reverse the location of the spring bar opening, simply open clasp and flip mask clip, then reattach to apparel...