Part # T5000
UPC # 33675 44620
5,000 unwrapped toothpicks
Wood - white birch
Length 65mm Width 2.2mm
One "Touch Free" tong Translucent blue polycarbonate resin
Carton size 162mm x 73mm x 150mm
Carton weight 670g   23.7oz
Cartons per master 20
Master carton weight 30 lbs

W O R L D ' S   F I R S T   S M A R T
T O O T H P I C K   D I S P E N S E R

About the Product
• Includes one "TOUCH FREE" tong for loading without germ transfer.
• 5,000 round wooden toothpicks per box,uniform size and shape.
• Ideal for food services and catering.
• High quality white birch wood, Solid, smooth, and burr free.
• Great for cake checking, holding appetizers, or an after meal tooth check.