About the Product
• Easy, neat, touch free, and automatic.
• Dispenses round unwrapped double pointed toothpicks.
• No germ transferred between users.
• UV light directed into storage compartment during every cycle
• Includes  "TOUCH FREE" tong allowing easy product transfer from toothpick carton to     ​Smart Dispenser without germ transfer.

W O R L D ' S   F I R S T   S M A R T
T O O T H P I C K   D I S P E N S E R 

Package information.
Carton size 124mm x 83mm x 140mm
Carton weight 1lb 2oz
Cartons per master 30
Master carton weight 35 lbs

Part # DW6400
UPC # 33675 10450
One Serve Clean SMART toothpick dispenser
Color white
One AC adapter with power cord
One starter pack of 100 white birch round double pointed toothpicks
One "Touch Free" tong, Translucent blue polycarbonate resin